Gluten free Cookies

March 19, 2017
Serves 18 - 20 cookies
Prep time
Cook Time

Whether you have a food intolerance such as celiac disease, or you’ve decided to cut gluten from your diet in order to live a healthier life like those who follow the paleo diet, everyone deserves a tasty cookie now and again!

This gluten free, low sugar cookie recipe shows that being free from traditional ingredients doesn’t mean free from flavor! These cookies are delicious and super healthy.

They sub in coconut sugar instead of refined sugar meaning they are lower in GI than those using traditional sweeteners and they use peanut butter rather than margarine, so they are packed with healthy fats. Also, they have an excellent 3.5 grams of protein per cookie, making them the perfect post workout treat!

Moreover, as these cookies are dairy free and paleo friendly, no matter what diet you follow, these are a little bit of sweetness that everyone can enjoy.

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Buckwheat Granola

March 9, 2016

A nutritious on-the-go snack that is very simple & easy to prepare. A crispy granola that you must check out.

Buckwheat is no wheat – its a seed! And combined with other nuts and seeds (and the goodness of bananas), it makes for a nutrient rich preparation. Totally Superfood!


2 cups raw buckwheat groats

1.5 cups mixed seeds and nuts (here we have used pumpkin seeds and almond slivers)

1 cup coconut grated

2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

2 teaspoon ginger powder

1 ripe banana

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons black jaggery (melted in water to pouring consistency)

Savory Oatmeal and Soft Cooked Egg

January 17, 2016
Savoury egg oatmeal
Serves 1
Prep time

This recipe gives a slightly different twist to the usual way that oatmeal is eaten as breakfast. I love to eat oatmeal for breakfast and I love to eat eggs for breakfast but never combined together so I wanted to give this recipe a try and I was pleasantly surprised.
Oats in general are a fantastic way to start off your day and keep you full until the afternoon. Oatmeal is high in fibre and protein giving you energy, benefiting your digestive system and great for weight loss. Eggs are also a good source of protein and help to fill you up also. The cheddar cheese and scallions add to the savoury taste of the recipe. I added in a tablespoon of raw honey as an option as I usually like a sweetness in my regular oatmeal so it worked well for me in this recipe also. This will all depend on your own personal taste.

Raw Gingerbread Balls

January 17, 2016
Raw ginger balls
Serves 18
Prep time

This energy filled and gluten free recipe is so easy and quick to create. With its combination of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, it is an ideal recipe for the colder months for their ability to build up the immune system and fight off infections such as cold and flus that are often rampant in colder weather.

Dates are a great source of fiber and energy and many vitamins and minerals. Oats and buckwheat flour are super nutritious and are high in fibre and protein boosting digestion and weight loss. Not only will you enjoy a tasty snack but you will also reap the benefits of this nutrient packed recipe.