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  • Oat Flour
  • oat flour
  • Whole Grain Gluten-free Oat Flour
  • oat flour
  • Oat Flour
  • oat flour
  • Whole Grain Gluten-free Oat Flour

Whole Grain Gluten-free Oat Flour

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About Us

Sattvic Foods is committed to your complete satisfaction. We assure you that every purchase is pure and of the highest quality available. If for any reason you are unsatisfied simply email us at or reply to your order email.

Gluten Free Oat Flour is wholesome, whole-grain flour perfect for gluten free baking. It is processed in our dedicated gluten free facility and is tested to ensure purity. Our Stone-ground Oat flour is naturally gluten-free and an excellent addition to baked goods to impart a true oat flavor and wholesome nutrition.

 Why Buy our Oat Flour ?

  • Stone-Ground, thus retaining more nutrition than any other milling techniques.
  • Made from pure oats. Our Oat Flour has a subtle, sweet whole grain flavour. This whole grain flour is excellent for adding to gluten free baked goods to impart a true oat flavour and wholesome nutrition.
  • Not only are oats an excellent source of dietary fiber, they also reduce serum cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Oats are higher in protein and healthy fats, and lower in carbohydrates than most other whole grains. They contain more soluble fiber than any other grain.

Source of our Oat Flour

We import whole grain Oats from Western Australia which is one of the highest quality producers of this healthy grain. These Oats are then washed, hulled and dried in India and further processed at our facilities. Our Oat flour is made from 100% Natural Hulled Oats. It is carefully hand selected and only the best grains are Stone Ground and then packaged.

How to use Oat Flour

Use in any of your favorite biscuit, bread, pancake recipes and add plenty of flavourful wholesome nutrition. Replace up to 20% of the flour in your recipe with our Oat flour. It can also serve as a thickener for any recipe. Below are some handpicked favorite recipes:

Read more about the Health Benefits of Oats


Since our Oat products are 100% natural and unprocessed they are at a high risk of infestation especially during monsoons due to higher moisture levels. PLEASE REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY upon receipt.