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  • sattvic matcha green tea loose

    Matcha Green Tea Powder | Pure | Natural | Organic |100% Plant Powder

    Rs. 600Rs. 1,000Select options
  • chamomile flowers herbal tea loose

    Chamomile Flowers – Herbal Tea (Kashmir)

    Rs. 150Select options
  • sattvic hibiscus flowers herbal tea loose

    Hibiscus Flowers – Herbal Tea (Kashmir)

    Rs. 200Select options

    Cacao Energy Balls (Gluten-Free, Raw, Vegan, Ready-to-eat)

    Rs. 300Rs. 550Select options
  • Sale!Aromatic diffuser

    Aromatherapy Car Hanging Diffuser / Air Freshener (with pure essential oil)

    Rs. 300 Rs. 250Select options
  • glass bottle hair oil

    Make your own Hair Oil Premium Blend – Made to Order (100% Pure, Raw, Cold Pressed)

    Rs. 400Rs. 1,200Select options
  • Your personalised lip balm

    Make your own Lip Balm – Made to Order (100% Pure)

    Rs. 250Select options
  • Sale!Your personalised Body Butter

    Make your own Body Butter – Made to Order (100% Pure, Raw, Cold Pressed)

    Rs. 300Rs. 600Select options
  • oat bran

    Gluten-free Oat Bran

    Rs. 375Rs. 1,300Select options

    Chaga Mushroom Tea (Kashmir)

    Rs. 600Read more

    Dandelion Root Tea (Kashmir)

    Rs. 600Add to cart
  • Vitamin B17

    Vitamin B17 powder

    Rs. 1,200Add to cart