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Organic Gluten-free Buckwheat Flour

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Organically grown in the Himalayas, our buckwheat is soaked, hulled and sun dried then stone-ground.

Lab tested Gluten-free


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Organic Gluten-free Buckwheat Flour Description

Our Organic Buckwheat Flour is ground from whole grain buckwheat. The triangular kernels are stone-ground into a nutritious flour rich in Fibre, Protein and Calcium.

Buckwheat has a great flavour that suits bread baking and can be substituted in many recipes where regular flour is used.

Source of our Buckwheat

A popular grain and staple in Eastern Europe but grows wildly in our Himalayas. Our Buckwheat is farmed at altitudes as high as 4,400 meters and the period between sowing to harvest is only 30 days. Buckwheat grows so fast it crowds out most weeds. Hence no pesticides or fertilizers are needed to grow this crop and it is by default organic.

About our Buckwheat

They are gluten free seeds from a plant related to rhubarb. The outer husk is pulled away and the grain-like fruit is harvested and eaten.

Naturally Gluten-free and full of Proteins and Fibre. Enjoy this nutrient rich superfood brought to you in a convenient way, peeled and ready to cook, soak or sprout.

First cultivated in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago, in time buckwheat journeyed west and took root in Eastern Europe, where it became the star of many classic dishes. They are very nutritious, and growing in popularity in many nations across the globe. They are a complete protein because they include all the essential amino acids.


Organic peeled buckwheat groats

Why Buy Our Buckwheat Flour

  • Buckwheat is one of the most efficient producers of plant protein, unmatched by any other grain
  • The human body can digest 74 percent of its protein content which includes 8 essential amino acids, Vitamin E and nearly the entire spectrum of B-complex
  • Ours is organically and sustainably grown by independent farmers in the Himalayan mountains near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

How to use our Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat has a great flavour that suits bread baking and can be substituted in many recipes where regular flour is used.

You can add a little buckwheat flour to almost any recipe that calls for regular flour. In wheat bread, use half buckwheat flour to add a rich, earthy and nutlike flavor and darker color. Buckwheat flour is a must-have for making traditional Russian blini, or buckwheat crepes.

  • Bake into Breads and Muffins
  • Make pancakes and Crepes

Here are some of our handpicked favourite recipes:

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Nutritional Info

Serving Size 25 grams (25 g) Calories 83 Calories from Fat 7 Total Fat 0.828g Carbohydrates 17.66g Dietary Fiber 2.759g Protein 3.311g

Ayurvedic Dosha Compatibility



Plastic, Bio-degradable

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