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Wild Multiflora Honey
Foyts Farm
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Foyts Farm: Wild Multiflora Honey

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A Wild Multiflora honey sourced from Foyts farm that follows the highest standards of permaculture farming


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Foyts Farm: Wild Multiflora Honey Description

Our Source

Our Multiflora honey is sourced from wild beehives at Foyts Farm using only primitive methods that do not involve harming bees, collecting the honey at night while the bees are asleep, not using smoke to hurt the bees or the hive.

What is Multiflora?

Multiflora is a honey that is from the nectar of many flowers from Foyts farm. It has been mixed up by the bees as they fly from one variety of flowers to another. It is higher in minerals and enzymes because the bees collect pollen from multiple flowers.

About Permaculture Honey

Permaculture honey 100% raw and unheated, preserving all the delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities. It has the highest mineral content and several therapeutic benefits. Permaculture honey is rich in complex sugar and has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


Wild Multiflora Honey

Why Buy Permaculture Honey

  • Does not crystallize at all due to lower glucose content
  • Contains high concentration of minerals
  • Dark color with slight green fluorescence
  • Very less aroma
  • Highly viscous solution that is sticky to touch

Additional Information


200 g (glass jar), 500 g (glass jar)