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Forest Honey (From the Tribals of the Deep Forest)

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A pure forest honey with an unmatched flavour. You simply can’t go wrong.

Caution: This honey is has the texture of syrup and thinner than regular honey


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Forest Honey (From the Tribals of the Deep Forest) Description

Forest Honey is collected from wild beehives by groups of expert honey foragers, carrying on traditional methods. The foragers return at night to collect the honey while the bees are sleeping. They never use smoke or any other process that could cause harm to the bees, their hives, or the forest vegetation.

Our Source

Our  Honey is collected from wild beehives by traditional groups of tribal honey foragers. These experts travel deep within the forests to gather the wild honey, well beyond the reach of automobiles and other pollutants.

About Our Honey

Ours is 100% raw and unheated, preserving all the delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities. It is usually darker with a higher mineral content, and has a stronger taste and particular therapeutic benefits,is rich in minerals and complex sugar has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties. So try this incredibly healthy and unique tasting honey and let us know what you think.


Wild Forest Honey

Why Buy Our Forest Honey

  • Does not crystallize at all due to lower glucose content.
  • Contains high concentration of minerals
  • Possess strong flavour with a woody taste and leaves an aftertaste
  • Dark color with slight green fluorescence
  • Very less aroma

Difference between nectar honey and forest honey:

There are several differences between nectar honey (which is based on flowers) and forest honey:

  • Composition: Forest honey variety contains high amount of minerals, complex sugars such as raffinose and melezitose and amino acids.
  • Taste and color: It is dark in colour and less sweet compared to the blossom honey.
  • Crystallization: Presence of complex sugars prevents it from crystallization. The high fructose to glucose ratio and less amount of water prevent it from crystallization.

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