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Flaxseed Oil 250 ml
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Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (with OMEGA-3)

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For a vegetarian there is no better source of OMEGA-3s than our Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil


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Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (with OMEGA-3) Description

About our Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed Oil is nature’s richest source of omega-3 fatty acids and thus highly recommended for your general well being and whole body nutrition. For vegetarians, it is one-of-the-only sources of plant omega-3 fatty acids.

Today, flaxseeds are best known for the therapeutic oil that is obtained by pressing them. These are the seeds of the flax plant. The slender flax plant also boasts a long history as a healing herb. This miracle oil has over its long history earned a solid reputation for treating a range of ailments. After all, flax has been cultivated for over 7000 years.

The essential fatty acids (Omega oils) are one of its key healing components. Our bodies need them to function properly, but can’t manufacture them on their own. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) work throughout the body protecting cell membranes, thereby maintaining their efficiency at permitting healthy substances and barring any unhealthy ones.


Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil

Why buy our Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil?

  • Our Oil is Cold-pressed which means no heat treatment is used in the extraction process; thereby preserving all nutrients.
  • Source of Omega – 3, an important component of our cell membranes

How to use Cold Pressed Flaxseed oil

Consume 1 tbsp before your meal. Can be taken one to three times daily.

Use in Baking/Cooking

Add to your Salad dressing

Add to your Smoothies

Know more about the health benefits of cold pressed flaxseed oil

Additional Information


250 ml (retail / dark glass bottle), 500ml (dark glass bottle), 1 lt (dark glass bottle)

Shelf Life

12 months

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