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Chaga Mushroom Tea (Kashmir)

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Sourced from Kashmir, Our Chaga Mushroom Tea is a rich source of many nutrients. It brings stability to the system.


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Chaga Mushroom Tea (Kashmir) Description

What is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushroom ~ “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” ~ is packed with antioxidants. Owing to its numerous benefits, it has been consumed for centuries in the East.

Chaga has been known to have much more potency than other medicinal mushrooms because of it longevity. It has a lumpy, charcoal colored appearance.

It is a rich source of many Nutrients, Vitamins and enzymes. Chaga is an adaptogen. Adaptogens bring the body back into balance and have beneficial effects on the nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular and endocrine system.

Our Source

In general, Chaga Mushrooms are normally found in very cold habitats and grow predominantly on birches.  Our Chaga Mushroom Tea comes straight from Paradise ~ Kashmir ~ also known as Heaven on Earth.

How to use

Drink tea made from chaga mushrooms. Boil 1 tsp of Chaga Mushroom Tea in 1 cup water. Sieve after 30 min. Drink 1 hour before meals, twice a day


Additional information

Weight 100 g

20 g (plastic jar)