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Carob Powder (caffeine free)

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Similar to Cocoa powder but higher in fibre, caffeine free with a naturally sweet flavour and mild taste.

Imported from Madagascar


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Carob Powder (caffeine free) Description

Source of our Carob Powder

Our Carob Powder originates from Madagascar.

Naturally Sweet, it is derived from the pod (that contains a sweet, edible pulp) of a carob tree. Once dried and roasted, the pulp is ground into a powder!

About our Carob Powder?

The magical Carob bean is extremely high in soluble fibre making it a superfood.

An extremely versatile superfood, possessing a wonderfully sweet flavour. It can therefore be used as a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Its chocolate-like taste means that it can replace cocoa or chocolate. Try using it to add a delicious extra dimension to your favourite smoothies, nut milks, protein shakes or to prepare a tempting range of raw food snacks and desserts, including raw chocolate, cakes and cookies.


Carob Powder

Why buy our Carob Powder?

  • Free from caffeine or theobromine ~ useful for people sensitive to the effects of caffeine or who want to avoid caffeine
  • Carob powder tastes like a nutty cocoa, with a light natural sweetness. It is lower in fat than cocoa and boasts 3 times more calcium too.

How to use Carob Powder

Simply, substitute it for recipes that call for Cocoa or Chocolate. It is similar to cocoa powder in colour, yet has a characteristic special flavour and texture of its own.

It has a sweet and mild taste as compared to the bitterness of Cocoa. You could replace cocoa powder with carob powder one-for-one in your recipes but reduce the amount of sugar or sweeteners in the recipe by about 25%. Alternatively, you could use half cocoa powder and half carob powder.

Enjoy some handpicked favourite recipes :

Read about the various Health Benefits of this superfood here

Storage tips

Store in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container.

Additional information

Weight N/A

100 g (retail), 250 g, 750 g, 4 kgs

Shelf Life

12 months

Ayurvedic Dosha Compatibility



Plastic, Bio-degradable