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Black Rice (Chak-hao) from Myanmar

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Our Black Rice is of the highest grade and freshness, Lab tested Gluten-free


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Black Rice (Chak-hao) from Myanmar Description

This Black Rice has a deep black colour and usually turns deep purple when cooked, hence it is also called purple rice.

It has in present time become known as a ‘Super food’. Its special, near medicinal values are truly stunning. Even today with all of our medical expertise, this rice could be the food that can save your life. Every time you sit down to enjoy a few servings of this awesome grain, you must remind yourself that you are eating something specifically reserved for kings.

Purple ~ the colour of royalty!

Source of Our Black Rice

This rice has been eaten in regions of Asia for thousands of years; for centuries it was reserved only for Chinese royalty. We import Our Rice From Myanmar. Today this type of rice is picking up in popularity and finding itself on the racks of health food stores.

About Our Black Rice

Our whole grain Black Rice is the finest variety sourced from the country of Myanmar also called the Golden Land because of its rich agricultural heritage. Our rice is a medium-grain rice. It is simple to make and versatile.

It is high in nutritional value, rich in iron and high in fibre.


Black Rice

 How to use Black  Rice

It is suitable for making porridge, traditional Chinese black rice cake or bread. Noodles have been produced from this rice. It is commonly used as a dressing, and even as a decoration for different kinds of desserts in various parts of the world.

  • Replace for white rice
  • Grind and use as flour
  • Use for making some special recipe like Black rice Pudding which is easy to make.
  • If steamed after soaking, the rice attains a sticky texture. In Thailand, sticky black jasmine rice with coconut milk and palm sugar is a popular dessert.
  • It is included in individual pieces, rice bed salads and hand rolls.

You can read more about its health benefits here

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