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  • Almond Meal (Defatted, Unblanched, Low Carb, Keto-Friendly, Gluten Free)

    About Our Almond meal is Unblanched, Defatted, and Finely Ground. Thus it is all-natural and has numerous health benefits. Almonds have been proven to improve skin,...

    Regular price Rs. 200.00 INR
    Regular price Rs. 250.00 INR Sale price Rs. 200.00 INR
  • Goa Cashew nuts

    About Cashew nuts provide substantial amounts of energy that is great for people who are health conscious. Some of the vitamins and minerals include Magnesium, Iron,...

    Regular price Rs. 700.00 INR
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 700.00 INR
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    Akbari Pistas (Lightly Salted) Jumbo size Roasted Pistachios

    About In-shell Pistachios are not only tasty and fun to eat but are also super healthy. They are loaded with nutrients. They are one of the...

    Regular price Rs. 650.00 INR
    Regular price Rs. 750.00 INR Sale price Rs. 650.00 INR
  • Peanuts (Organic / Raw / Unsalted) 500g

    About Peanuts also called groundnut, or monkey nut is a legume mainly for it's edible seeds. They are classified as legumes along with foods like green peas,...

    Regular price Rs. 150.00 INR
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    Snow Kashmir Walnut Certified Organic Extra Light Halves (Vacuum Sealed)

    About Our Walnuts are buttery and crunchy. They are always fresh and have a delicious flavour. A great source of omega-3s, along with high amounts of...

    Regular price Rs. 500.00 INR
    Regular price Rs. 600.00 INR Sale price Rs. 500.00 INR
  • Unblanched Almond Flour

    About Almonds have been proven to improve skin, boost energy, and contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals. High in protein and Fibre, this defatted flour/meal...

    Regular price Rs. 400.00 INR
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 400.00 INR