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  • Ayurvedic Body Type & the Ancient art of Eating

    Ayurvedic body types

    Dating back to prehistoric times, the ancient scriptures have documented the Ayurvedic body type and the ancient art of eating. The system of Ayurveda classified three body types, or doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each dosha has a unique set of characteristics. There are several ways to determine your body type, the most accurate is through the detailed history and physical by an ayurvedic physician.SF Ayurvedic Doshas

    Kapha diet

    From a diet standpoint, Kapha people should reduce fatty substances such as Oils, sweets and salt as much as possible due to their naturally slower metabolism. Instead, they should focus on cooking with lots of herbs, spices, eating large amount of vegetables, and high fiber foods.

    Pitta diet

    In terms of their diet, Pitta people should avoid heaty foods such as spices, alcohol, coffee, vinegar, and acidic foods like citrus and tomatoes. They should eat sweet juicy fruits such as mangos and melons. They should also include lots of cooling foods and vegetables with high water content, such as coconuts, cucumbers, kale and lettuce, in their diet.

    Vata diet

    The dietary recommendations for Vata individuals are to avoid dry/crunchy foods, carbonated beverages, and cold/raw vegetables. Their ideal diet consists of warm, cooked, soupy foods; cooked cereals; nuts; cooked vegetables. Also, ghee, which is clarified butter, is particularly good for Vata individuals.